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May 21st, 2013

05:26 pm - What path should I follow?
I'm finishing my two year of A.S paralegal studies and the university that I choose isn't ABA approve. I would like to know what is best for me, should I finished and do the NALA certification or continue toward the bachelor of arts in Legal Studies and I would like to know a little bit more of the difference on ABA approved school and not-ABA approved schools as well. Thank you

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March 28th, 2012

06:53 pm
I'm looking for a job in a legal area, I have a Legal Secretary Certificate put none of working experience. Did anyone know about an agency of finding jobs for you? how do you find those kinds of jobs?

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May 19th, 2011

09:20 pm
Good day to everebody!

Could someone please recommend a nice book on shareholders' agreements under UK law, which may be purchased via web?
I'm especially interested to see a deep account of the responsiblities which may arise from breaking an agreement. Also it would be nice if the book will cover the questions of put and call options as a part of an agreement.

Thanks in advance!

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January 10th, 2011

02:16 pm - CLA/CP study group in MD?
I was looking over this list, provided by NALA, for study groups in the area... and was surprised to find none in Maryland or DC! I'm hoping there are some that exist in the area that aren't listed there, but I can't be sure. Does anyone know of any CLA/CP study groups in either of these areas? I don't want to have to resort to VA. :)

I'm slated to take the exam in May, if that helps.

Thank you!

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January 4th, 2011

09:24 pm
are there any paralegals here that are trial paralegals for large, document intensive trials? I've been a paralegal for 10 years and a trial paralegal for the past 4, traveling all over the country (mostly to Atlantic City) for multi-million dollar pharmaceutical trials that last 6-8 weeks. as you can imagine, it's very stressful and a lot of 18 hour days/7 days a week. I'm leaving in a few days for 2 back to back and just wanted someone that does the same thing to talk to. just for fun.

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December 28th, 2010

12:33 pm - In need of CLA study materials!
I'm planning to take NALA's CLA exam in May 2011, and am looking for the study materials on the cheap. I'm already paying for the exam without firm assistance while planning to buy a house with my husband, so any little bit helps! :)

Does anyone have a copy of any/all of the study material that they're willing to give up, or any tips on where to find the study material at a much-reduced rate? I saw a recent post selling their CLA materials, but I can't find that specific listing.

ETA: I plan to take the Administrative Law, Litigation, and Family Law sections, if that helps. Still debating on the fourth section!

Thanks for your assistance! :)

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November 12th, 2010

02:24 pm
 Hey guys,

I'm strongly considering a Bachelor of Social Science (Legal and Dispute Studies) in Melbourne, Australia which basically trains you to be a paralegal (amongst other career options).
I'm really interested in being a paralegal and I would appreciate ANY advice from others on what its like as a profession, what its like to study, etc
ANYTHING would be super helpful, because I'm kind of lost at the moment as to what to do.


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June 11th, 2010

05:28 am - New Here
Hi all. I’m new here, and thought I’d introduce myself and ask a few questions. My name’s Jenn, I’m 24, married, and living in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m planning to start a paralegal certificate program at a private Catholic university here in town in the fall semester. I’ve always been interested in law, especially family law and child welfare. Once I’ve completed the program, I’m hoping to find contract work that I can do from home. This is where my questions come in. Of course, these are very general questions, and nobody can give me specifics. How high is the demand for private contractor paralegals? How do I bill? By the hour or by the project? If by the hour, should I have a minimum of x number of hours? About how much should I charge per hour, or per project? Lastly, how do I go about finding law firms looking to contract out? I know I’m not really going to be needing this information for another year, but I want to be prepared. Knowledge is power, and all that.

Thank you for the information, and hi again.
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June 2nd, 2010

04:50 pm - NYU
I am currently in a Master's program at a school in New York City, but I am currently considering dropping the program and switching fields. I really think I would like to go to law school and get involved with IP law, in particular copyright law. I don't want to jump right into applying to law school since I've already made the "mistake" of going into a professional degree program without having prior experience in the field and finding out that I think I would rather do something else. I figured a good way to decide whether or not the legal field is for me would be working as a paralegal first at a firm involved with the kind of law I'm interested in. I would like to stay in NYC, and I'm considering applying to NYU's intensive paralegal program so I can get into the job market as quickly as possible (the program only takes one semester to complete).

Is anyone here a graduate of the program? If so, do you think it prepared you for your position? How much support does the school give to job seekers? If anyone has information about other programs in NYC, I would appreciate hearing about them as well.

Also, did anyone here graduate from a program that did not offer internship opportunities but did one anyway? How would I go about finding options for internships outside of a formal program?

Finally, what professional associations are available for paralegals (regionally or national)? How important/helpful is it to join an association? I'm coming from library school where there's an association for everything and it seems like everyone is in at least one.

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June 1st, 2010

12:07 pm - Lawyers competition
The International Contest of Young Lawyers “Precedent” is an on-line activity for students and young professionals. It's a bilingual contest where you can send the work in English or Russian.
It’s main goal is to give young lawyers and students a place to share opinions and try their skills. At the same time practicing lawyers and the one who is just interested in jurisprudence may participate.
There are two spheres where the participant may choose a case to resolve - intellectual property and private international law. Here’s the list of cases.
You can vote for the works and comment! Here are the approved solutions.
The Contest is held till 21 of June 2010. You can send a work up to June 15.

Prizes for the winners are granted!

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